Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors


With over 10 years of experience in interior design, Kevin Yip and Waif Chan specialize in simple and consistent interior design. With the establishment of their co-owned Viz Design, they provide a one-stop home and commercial design service to client – with their unique design style being the main attraction to clients. Since they started they have focused mainly on interior design and decoration projects, tailor-making for comfortable home and working environments for clients. Kevin Yip and Waif Chan attach great value to the relationship with their clients, and over the years they have continually exchanged ideas with clients to better understand their changing needs and provide a better and more improved quality design service very time.


◆Project references
◆Island Resort
◆Robison Place
◆Parc Palais
◆Residence Bel-air
◆House in Sai Kung
◆Sunderland Estate
◆Grand Palisades
◆One Beacon Hill
◆The Arch
◆Beverly Hill
◆The Palace
◆The Palazzo
◆Beacon Lodge
◆Shan Kwong Towers

◆Mei Foo Sun Chuen
◆Villa Carlton
◆Hoi Sing Mansion Sing Fai Terrace Taikoo Shing
◆Laguna Verde
◆Harbourfront Landmark
◆Pacific Palisades
◆Cheung Chau Scenic Garden
◆Elizabeth House
◆Lake Silver
◆Casa Bella
◆Sky One
◆Shining Heights
◆La Salle Road
◆Flourish Court

◆One Grantai Macau
◆The Harbourside
◆Providence Bay
◆Whampoa Garden
◆Ellery Terrace
◆Braemar Hill Mansions
◆Celestial Heights
◆Flourish Court
◆Unique Tower
◆Pacific View
◆Maiden Court
◆The Forfar
◆The Visionary
◆Sea Crest Villa
◆Laguna Verde

◆New Town Plaza
◆Ning On Mansion On Shing Terrace Taikoo Shing
◆Aqua Blue
◆The Grand Panorama
◆Po Shan Road
◆Laguna City
◆Kornhill Grand Austin
◆The Hill Grove
◆Sunderland Estate
◆Green Crest
◆Phase 2 Celestial Heights
◆Tycoon Place
◆Meister House